Why Mobile Apps and Mobile Marketing is so important…



Since Apple launched the first real smartphone, mobile has become the fastest adopted technology in history. Its has changed how we communicate, how we travel and how we search for and purchase items. Mobile is all about right here and now. As the videos above reflect, mobile customers can come from anywhere anytime. And they have a far greater purchase rate than other consumers. Customers are looking for items they can buy right now that are nearby. They are seeking feedback on products from their mobiles and social networks and comparing you to your competitors. Its all there right in front of them anytime.

Ensuring your business is mobile, easy to find and engaging is essential for business survival right now and the pressure to keep up with your customers is only going to increase. If you haven’t got a mobile strategy yet… Talk to us..


At iBuildApps we create marketing strategies that are targeted towards the very mobile nature of today’s consumers.

The way customers search for information, the way they purchase and the way that they qualify a business or product is very different from just a few years ago. But while the demands of the customer have greatly increased, their response and speed to action has vastly improved as well.

If your business hasn’t developed at strategic plan for mobile and your planning on being around for a while, you need to Think Mobile- FAST!

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What is a
Mobile Strategy?

A mobile strategy consists of 3 core components. A Mobile Optimised Website, a Mobile App and Social Media Marketing plan. Each of these 3 components are essential to creating effective growth in your business.

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